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E-Wallet in a glance

E-Wallet is a virtual account that allows efficiently manage payments, including paying its Affiliates. It provides great flexibility and preference options to the participant by offering various methods to receive funds such as Bank Account, Wire Transfer, transfer to existing debit card, prepaid card, and others.

The biggest advantage in using a wallet is safety. You can load wallets whenever you want - even just before a transaction - with even the exact amount you are going to spend. This is a big advantage unlike debit cards, where you have to be extra careful as they can have big balances or a huge credit limit.

If you are shopping online, while making the payment, you have to select the Wallets option, select the wallet you want to use and give your wallet credentials. You will get a One Time Password (OTP) in the mobile. Once you key in the OTP, the payment goes through

While using it in physical stores, there are several ways in which wallets operate. For instance, if you are making a payment, you have to input the billed amount following which a barcode is displayed in the mobile, which the cashier has to just scan for the payment. You don’t have to hand over your mobile to the cashier and avoid the risk of skimmers that can steal card data.

Eniac E-Wallet platform

An electronic money processing platform gives you the opportunity to build your own payment business without starting from scratch, Full-fledged payment system for all kinds of payments and transfers. Whether you operate financial services company, a retail network or a telecom operator – our E-wallet solution will bring your business to the next level, allowing you to harness up-to-date tech trends.

Eniac E-Wallet platform is a proven, robust and scalable electronic wallet solution for developed and developing markets. It can be used to transact any item that can be counted or unitized. Principal uses are money, but also include loyalty points, coupons, tokens and any other unit, such as kilowatts of energy.