B2C Services

Loyalty Club

After each paid booking, your customers earn Points and they motivate to book again and again!

EniacGDS has developed a loyalty system for every organizations working on travel sector. The more bookings you sell (hotel, flight, car rent, bus, transfer, etc.) the more points your customers earn.

Loyalty Status Progress

Loyalty Status Progress which is displayed in your Back Office helps you to monitor how many bookings have travellers made from your website and how much points they have earned for them. Once you start to participate in our Loyalty Program, you will see complete reports and you will be able to manage your customers bookings, viewing per segment.

Your customers earn Points which they can use for payments of their future bookings in your website Booking Engine and also can add to their deposit on account

If you are a travel agency manager, your loyalty system count will help you engage agents. You set the currency rate in your Back Office and minimum demand for points to purchase. Your listed clients are participants of Loyalty Program. You set the percentage value of intensity. This amount from your margin will be transferred into the pointing system..