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Why do you need a stunning Website?

Many travel agents have websites that do them a disservice. Agent websites need three key things: good design + compelling content + easy to maintain/update. We urge travel agents to rethink their approach to their websites and we offer practical tips for making agents websites work for them and for their clients. A travel agents website is critical – it is an agencies face to the world - and should be a profitable investment even for the smallest agency.

Ten years ago, clients walked into brick-and-mortar agencies - today, they primarily get on the Internet, either with their computers or their mobile devices. While the Internet is now filled with travel deals and booking engines, we believe that there'll always be a market segment of clients who want personalized service and expert guidance. Unfortunately, many travel agencies websites are not well positioned for what consumers want or need to see. Their websites are simply unattractive, unappealing, and do not convey a sense of confidence that the agents are true experts who can add value beyond what consumers can book themselves. The key goals of a travel agent website are to build your brand: The messages and images on the site should clearly position what the agents business is about, and what differentiates you. Convey expertise in the destinations, activities, or special interests you sell. This comes from presenting good content about your areas of expertise.

With EniacGDS, we help you to make a great impression with its beauty and elegance in design. Travel is an emotional sell, so we capture your web pages with beautiful, stunning content.

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