All digital businesses, even with quality products, competitive services and everything a digital business needs, need to expand their marketplace after a period of online activity, and tourism as an attractive industry of This is no exception. While online tourism service providers are booming, tourists are also growing at a steeper rate. Campaigns and bids are not always sustainable, and tourism business owners can only run such campaigns for a limited time of year. On the other hand, it is essential to appreciate the travelers and tourists who have bought from a particular brand constantly. One of the strategies is to retain customers and attract new customers to develop the tourism business, to create a valuable sense of clientele and to stay in this attractive area. .


The dynamic and growing project of the loyal customer club, one of the successful projects of ENIAC Group of Companies, has provided ENIAC GDS with its intimate and intimate interactive services. After examining the tourism space, a scenario specifically designed for this purpose and using a lucrative platform that is fully tailored to tourism is fully responsive to the needs of tourism executives and operators and will certainly bring a high added value to them.


During the Client Club operation process, the user is given a privilege by receiving tourist services such as the purchase of plane tickets, buses, trains, hotel reservations, travel tours and any other service, which is the amount of points and how to obtain it in the user segment. , Is always visible. The amount of points for each service purchase is determined and assigned through the Customer Club Management Panel. Points earned from purchases can be used by other users to buy other products and later. As the user can expect to increase their points after each purchase and spend it on their own. When using and spending points to buy a ticket or book a hotel, you will naturally pay less for the points earned, and thus be willing to buy. Subsequent increases in the user will result in the user becoming a loyal customer once they visit the website or in the agency. As mentioned above, the network that manages user privileges is called the Country Score Exchange Network (SHAKT), which covers a large part of the country's business clubs and is a member of the network. In this way, the user will be able to easily spend points earned on other clubs in the Shakht network, which will help to increase the loyalty and interaction of the club members.