Necessity of using mobile app

Due to the features and scope of using smartphones, a large number of your customers are eager to receive services and services over the phone with them. Our platform enables you to provide your customers with a custom mobile app, while responding to this need, giving them direct access to customers and informing new services or special offers at different times. This feature is available on all iOS and Android platforms for all your customers. The app implemented for tourism activists actually encompasses website content and propositions, but due to the growing use of mobile, more diverse items are being considered for the app. Features and features of the mobile app can be divided into two general and proprietary categories, which implements the proprietary features that distinguish EniacGDS in the implementation of tourism applications.

General Features of Tourism Mobile App

User-friendly design and simple user interface
 Quick connection to bank payment gateway
 Save username to facilitate future purchases
 View previously booked tickets
 Possibility of immediate refund of purchased tickets
 View user-acquired vouchers and tickets
 Possibility of moving origin and destination in search phase
Specify the number of tickets you want
Ability to select flight class at the beginning of the search
 View account credentials in the side menu
 View all Tourism Product Terms and Conditions
View special offers controlled by the admin panel
 Displays the three-letter Latin symbol of each city in the list
Featured mobile app features
 Ability to change currency by user
Multilingual in-app support
Show all cities in the world in Persian
Implement an in-app customer loyalty club
Payment through various payment gateways
Possibility to benefit from electronic wallet
Ability to pay for product from two sources of wallets and cards
Allows you to receive instant notifications on mobile