White Label - Your brand, your customers, your logo, our services

White Label acts as a sales representative service for a supplier in a simple, ready-made format for a search engine site and for booking tourism services, which enables the agency to sell online. Implementing this service requires no technical knowledge and is very simple and fast to run so that agencies can sell without the need for energy and manpower even outside of office hours. The White Label service is usually less expensive than a web service and can be a good option for travel agencies as agencies can become an OTA (Online Travel Agency) with the least cost and energy.



The White Label solution is perfect for any travel agency wishing to sell tourism products online (ticketing, hotel reservation, tour packages, car rental, train and bus tickets) through the website. This solution creates direct and easy links to multiple data sources on the tourism website. With this solution, your website responds instantly to the process of booking a hotel, car, and travel and flight packages. So by implementing this technology on your website, you will have it more dynamic and active and provide fully online customer service. The White Label solution is currently the most economically and time-efficient solution on the market. This means that no major changes will be made to your website and will only be part of the website you designate, and the service will be configured to your specific needs. The White Label solution gives you a flight search feature with very distinct features. This solution searches for and matching routes to find the cheapest route between two destinations. It then displays it to your users in an easy-to-understand way. The most important feature of the White Label service is that there is no change to the existing tourism website.


Why choose White Label for our tourism activity?
1. White Label Increases the Speed ​​and Speed ​​of Visiting Your Tourism Brand in the Tourism Market
2. White Label brings you the benefits and benefits of a specialist effort:
There are certainly developers and teams specializing in the tourism market that focus on tourism products and their offerings more widely and gain valuable experience from online sales. Getting white labels from them and putting your tourism brand on their products will open an attractive window to your tourism activities.
With White Label you get products that have already been tested on how to deliver and manage them.
Evaluate the behavior of tourists with tourism products, different tastes, the speed of access to these products, online sales troubleshooting and many tests in this area and you can relax the end product without having to travel a long and expensive route. Imagine giving to your customers.
4- Save time and money
Deploying and delivering tourism services from the start may seem like a great idea, but until you set out to get directions before launch, you won't be aware of the amount of time and costs involved. Launching the end-to-end tourism product requires a lot of cost and time to deliver to the consumer, which the White Label service has addressed.
5. You have the final customer to choose the product and the type of delivery.
White Label brings you the many choices that are right for your business. For example, if you are planning to add a hotel reservation system or an external flight to your website or add to your existing service, contact the review of the best and most suitable servers and be the one to choose your server. .
6. White Label eliminates the burden of technical problems and the constant burden of customer support.
Your customers need close and solid support. If you choose the White Label Tourist Service, your service provider will support your customers. Reliability is important because you do not have to worry about customer service.
Key Features:
• Easy-to-use control panel
• The possibility of introducing multiple currencies
•    multilanguage
• Counter-built in search engine
• Customer profile management
• Submit advanced reports
• Smart utilization of multiple channels
Financial features
• Markup assignment
• The possibility of instant cancellation
• Refund management
• Having multiple banking ports
• Create and define a subset agency
• Assign a percentage of the subset agency
• Analytics and statistical sales reports
• Creating and managing deposit restrictions for underlying agencies
• Possibility of defining the Agency's preferred stock
• Easy management of existing tourism products
• Determine the level of access of operators and counters
• Control and track the sales of products to users
• Get instant reports of sales details
• Sales Management Modules
• SEO module and website promotion
• Payment Management Module
• A variety of reporting modules
• Content Management Module
• Wacher confirmation or extradition module