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EniacGDS provides Travel XML API Integration for travel companies. In this way our customer can benefit from the inventories and other travel XML API services provided by the third party, by having a quick and easy XML API integration. Extend your customers' choices to flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, car XML API booking and many more with access to both GDS and external content with our XML integration services. Increase your revenues and enable cross-selling with full content, mark-ups, negotiated fares, packaging features, service fees, agency defined air fare promotions, as well as optimizing and ranking possibilities to make the most out of search engines. No need for you to make expensive investments in bespoke software developments with various providers as Third party XML API can be easily integrated to your existing system. This solution will be reliable and scalable to support your online business strategy.

Are you looking for easy access to extensive and comprehensive product range and suppliers to increase customer choice and offer your customers a more personalized service? Do you need to find the best deals and leisure content to compete against the internet and direct distribution? We provide you access to an extensive range of global and local bookable products which your customers need. We offer the best selection of Hotel Reservation, Flight Reservation System and XML API suppliers from hotels, cars, cruises, tours and destination content to make your business grow via XML API integration White Label connections.


Easy integration and maintenance                                </h6>

Easy integration and maintenance

The creation of stable and efficient applications is facilitated by a robust programming environment and backwards compatibility with client package.

Reliability                                </h6>


The significant feature of our XML API is great stability and flexibility of the interface.

24×7 Bookings Worldwide                                </h6>

24×7 Bookings Worldwide

By having global distribution system connectivity to more and more travel agents, customers and corporate across the world can book flight, hotel, tours and transfers on 24 X 7 basis.

Control online inventory                                </h6>

Control online inventory

No need to worry about any kind of technical stuff in your travel website! The only thing you ever need to do is to give us the details you would like on your business website.

Cost reduction                                </h6>

Cost reduction

GDS integration shortens development timelines, saving your money.

Automatic Content Update                                </h6>

Automatic Content Update

Integrating GDS system allows the update of inventory information (availability / pricing) automatically. All the agents and B2C users, get the same seamless information.

Multiple channels for distribution and utilization                                </h6>

Multiple channels for distribution and utilization

Multi-Channel Manager includes online travel agencies (OTA), global distribution systems (GDS) and hotel consolidators, as well as central reservation systems (CRS) and the hotel’s own website booking engine.