Connect to the web service through the agency's dedicated account
Delivering Web Service Output Integrated with Reset Technology.
Using mapping technology to speed up data transfer and accuracy of world city names, airports and airlines, world hotel names and hotel information
Use correct and refined Persian names for all cities, airports and airlines worldwide
Enable and disable charter flight display agencies on the charter flight web service.
Use different languages and different currencies depending on client needs

Connect to Multi GDS via EniacGDS

Multi GDS refers to providers that provide services to almost all global airlines, and all airlines operate through this provider. Among the airlines in the world, there are Wood Airlines that do not even have direct and immediate sales and offer services through the same provider. Amadeus is one of the few GDSs to cover many of the worldwide airlines. Eniak GDS provides almost all of the world's airline services through the web service by connecting to major sources of suppliers (Multi GDSs) including Amadeus, Galileo, Saber and several other GDSs. This eliminates the need for clients to communicate directly with hundreds of domestic and foreign airlines. In addition to connecting to these multidisciplinary GDSs, ENIAC GDS also directly owns other tourism products through several major suppliers around the world and is increasingly connecting and integrating with other suppliers. Is. This will provide agencies with a highly centralized and integrated web service covering a wide range of hotels around the world. Also, websites selling online tourism services and mobile applications can provide all the online tourism services on their platform and provide their customers with tourism services using the web service provided. The GIAC technical and expert team will be fully involved with you throughout the implementation process.